Tom Grill has been involved in commercial advertising photography in New York for over thirty years.   His ability to direct models in the re-creation of lifestyle moments quickly defined his specialty and landed him accounts such as Sealy, General Mills, Hertz, American, Chase.  His later advertising career focused on cosmetic and beauty photography with models.  He worked for L’Oreal, Avon, Revlon, and numerous other cosmetic firms. He ceased shooting assignments about fifteen years ago and has concentrated exclusively on the production of stock photography. 


Tom pioneered the idea of “concept” based shooting in stock photography.  The goal is to produce images with immediate conceptual impact, broad appeal, contemporary styling, and ready compatibility to an art director’s needs.  This is further enhanced by a style that is "non-competitive," which is to say that the image is ultimately subservient to the final client's marketing requirements.


Currently, he is the principal photographer for his own stock photo production team, TomGrill Images, as well as his media brand, Tetra Images.  While his specialty continues to be centered on photo-illustration lifestyle work with models, he is also accomplished at conceptual still-life, scenic, and travel photography.

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